Lemus Tumus / formations is the outcome of a month-long intensive residency at the atelier of Agora Collective in Neukölln, Berlin.

The works of Emma Lashmar and Elvan Serin each speak of process, materiality and a dialogue with the natural world. This exhibition explores the common ground they share, and the intersection of their respective practices in a common space and time: this winter in Berlin.

Opens Wednesday, December 12th, 7pm
Until Saturday, December 15th, 5pm

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Lemus Tumus
Elvan Serin

Beginning from nature itself, she studies biomorphic forms. The artist is deeply impressed by the processes of living things, and the way she works is akin to patterns and systems occurring in the natural world.
Her pieces are biomorphic, and do not belong to a particular time or preconceived idea. Her works do not have a certain definition. They can not be categorised, they can only be conceived with the guidance of the senses, and intuition.
Elvan hopes to emphasize the organic and spiritual aspects of life, as we now live in a society which quickly consumes nature’s resources, and our daily lifestyle is disconnected from the processes of the natural world. She produces works which take a long time in order to emphasise the small details that lose significance in the frantic speed of contemporary life.
Since her works are an embodiment of the organic forms of her imagination, the name she gives them is also fictional… an invented phrase which recalls biological terms of classification.

Elvan Serin is a graduate student from Turkey, who currently studies fine arts at Yeditepe University in Istanbul. She completed her Bachelors Degree from Bilkent University, Ankara. Elvan has exhibited her sculptural pieces and drawings in a solo exhibition and many group exhibitions in Turkey. This is her first exhibition in Germany.


Emma Lashmar

The formations series of 2012 is an ongoing exploration of hybrid processes
and ephemeral materiality. Begun with the experimental fusion of blown glass
with advanced sand-casting techniques in Scotland in September, the latest
installment of this work-in-progress plays with the transmutation of substance,
and embraces the temporality of states of matter. Strangely, the becoming of
form is both a constant and fleeting thing to our human senses… as too is the
dream state of an unconscious mind, or the geomorphic shifts below our feet.

Emma Lashmar is an Australian visual artist currently working in the resident artists’ atelier at Agora Collective in Berlin, Germany. With a background in hot glass, Emma’s work is now primarily concerned with systems and spatial practices. She often crafts sculptural elements from transparent blown glass and incorporates these objects into scenarios with other media (including sound, lighting and mechanical systems) to produce an immersive experience. Often
site-specific, Emma’s installations explore how elements of a system connect and communicate the innate relationships existing between things. The artist is fascinated with the subjective perception of light and sound, the vagaries of vision, and how constructed architectural spaces frame and inform these experiences. Emma Lashmar completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Monash University, Melbourne, graduating with Honours in 2009. Since then she has been active exhibiting in various Australian galleries and artist run spaces, and has undertaken residencies, exhibitions and workshops in Argentina, Scotland and Germany with the assistance of commissions, an Artstart Grant in 2010 and a Freedman Foundation Scholarship in 2012.


Sponsored by Barefoot Wine
Agora Collective, 50 Mittelweg, Neukölln / U8 Leinestraße