Below is the press release for my upcoming opening night and a few investigation/process photos of the last week at the residency. Watch out for some pics of the final sculptural works and photographic series ready to go for Thursday 8th (fingers crossed!) x


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EMMA LASHMAR – Australia

Dentro del proyecto de residencia para los artistas, en febrero recibimos la visita de Emma Lashmar de Australia, quien permanecerá en la Casa hasta una exposición de sus impresiones el jueves 8 de marzo desde 6pm. Durante este tiempo, el artista está haciendo una obra escultórica en la luces y sombras en el juego en la Casa, y también se mostrará una serie de fotografías de su proceso de inspiración.

“The time I’ve spent at Zona Imaginaria so far has been a period of experimentation and engagement with the unique place where Lucrecia Urbano’s project has been unfolding since 2008: a site-specific project of intervention that resonates strongly with both international artists and the local community.

Here I’ve been investigating the innate qualities of the Argentinian light in this particular location: the House, and it’s neighbourhood. Natural / artificial light is an essential element of vision (and of course photography), generating human perception and emotion response, so I’ve been using the camera to capture subtle shifts and changes of light and it’s effects around the House. Now I begin my sculptural intervention, which will affect the diffusion of natural light throughout the communal living / working spaces of the House.

In Australia, my work captures and changes light within glass objects. The work evolves from the creation of transparent glass pieces from hot molten material, and then using many multiples of these hand-made forms I create site-specific installations or events… often including an element of sound, performance, projected light or movement.

Please feel free to drop into the House at any time before the afternoon of Friday the 9th of March for a conversation about the sculpture in progress, my other art work, the artistic community in Australia, or anything at all. You can email me at to confirm a time, but we’ll probably be at home often anyway. Come visit, say hola!”

Emma Lashmar
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