formations / North Lands, 2012

September, 2012

The formations series of 2012 is an ongoing exploration of hybrid processes and ephemeral materiality, begun with the experimental fusion of crafting blown glass with advanced sand-casting techniques at North Lands Creative Glass, Scotland, in September 2012.
At North Lands, I was lucky to have US glass artist and mentor Paul Marioni teach me the finer points of traditional sand-casting technique: using sand to form a mold, then pouring molten glass fresh from the furnace into the impression formed in the sand. This body of work is a work-in-progress, playing with the transmutation of substance, and embracing the temporality of states of matter. Strangely, the becoming of form is both a constant and fleeting thing to our human senses… as too is the dream state of an unconscious mind, or the geomorphic shifts below our feet.


Exhibited at Factory Art‘s Time Will Come exhibition in Charlottenburg, Berlin
& Someplace Pop-up Artshop in Neukolln, Berlin, in December, 2012.
Interview at the Time Will Come opening on November 29th, with curator Beatrice Crastini:

Factory-Art Gallery – 2012 PROJECT BERLIN – “Time Will Come” – Artist Emma Lashmar from FACTORY-ART on Vimeo.

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