palimpsest and process, 2012

August, 2012

Exhibited in the group show “I was just there”, the outcome of the month-long Affect residency with Agora Collective in Neukolln, Berlin, Germany.

Made possible with the generosity of a 2012 Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship for Emerging Artists, administered and supported by NAVA.

Dual projections (on digital and overhead projectors, one indoors and one outside in the garden), and a large two-part wall drawing containing struck-out text passages and systemised patterning. Durational period of 5 days, culminating in an open-studio event with the drawing process continuing in front of an audience, followed by the disassembly of projections and the painting of walls back to white.

“The AFFECT residency is a self-organized program where the participants share their projects in order to challenge themselves within the inputs of other artists – the process is facilitated by Agora Collective, with members holding workshops and provoking smalls interventions to the group related to their domain of research. 7 artists from different backgrounds were placed in the same space to affect each others work, and challenge artistic projects and practices within a collaborative context.”