re / sonance, 2010

July, 2010

A commissioned sound-sculpture for The Sound Playground project, a collaborative show between Craft Victoria and Bus Projects. Shown in conjunction with the 2010 Liquid Architecture Sound Arts Festival at 45 Downstairs in Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

~ video footage c/o youtube below…

The vast architectural space of 45 Downstairs defined the framework of a room-sized stringed instrument. The harp/cello-like strings were plucked and bowed by Nicholas Jones, and the sound produced was amplified, distorted and looped by Adam Sherry. The resounding of the room-spanning strings as they were plucked and bowed by the performers created an audible shadow-echo of the room itself. The resonance of sound reverberated via a constructed wooden bridge set into one of the room’s wall cavities. A second set of strings placed high above the action visually echoed the first, but with water-filled spheres strung onto them vibrating in response to the sounds created.

Many thanks to my musical collaborators Nicholas Jones ( and Adam Sherry (A Dead Forest Index), and also for the technical sound expertise of Morgan McWaters (The Emergency).

Also especially to Craft Victoria and Bus Projects for the commissioned opportunity.