Interview for the catalogue of the Craft Victoria Fresh! Awards, November 2009…

I’m originally from Perth and moved over to Melbourne some years ago to begin focussing on ways to use glass as an artistic medium. My fascination with glass stemmed from watching Gerry Riley in his Margaret River studio over the years, and my sculpture/textile background in visual arts morphed into a love of incorporating hot glass-blown elements into mixed-media installation works.

What are your favourite materials to work with, and what other materials would you like to explore later?

Hot glass! Along with any old thing really… recently, I’ve been using plastics, metals and textiles that can be knotted, woven or bound together with other elements. Strong load-bearing qualities are essential at the moment.

What would your dream collaboration entail? Who would it be with and why?

I’m fortunate to know many creative types that I’d love to get to bump heads with over new projects. Hopefully collaboration will become a bigger part of my practice now that I’m no longer studying.

What has been your favourite or most personal thing you’ve made so far?

Each new work seems to become my focus and, subsequently, my favourite of the moment.

What gets you in the mood to create?

Long rambling discussions with friends (often wine-fuelled), becoming enamoured by a newfound band or album, a fantastic meal, a particularly unexpected turn of the weather… the usual things.

Do you have a soundtrack you like to work alongside? (eg. Music like a particular band or album, dead silence, general noise, radio, TV…)

My Ipod has fast become one of my favourite possessions, but the music itself changes tune by the hour.

Tell us about an exhibition that you’ve seen in the past or recently that has really inspired you.

I was completely entranced by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller’s Opera for a Small Room, part of ACCA’s recent show The Dwelling… The musical, mechanical and lighting sequences were so beautifully choreographed together, interwoven into a seamless illusion of an alternate space/place and the trace of a persona who may have perhaps inhabited it.

Now that you’ve graduated, what would you like to do next?

Keep the momentum of my honours year going… find a workable studio space, and hopefully come across some opportunities to show new work as the year unfolds. Fingers crossed.

Where do you hope to be in 5 years’ time? In what direction would you like to see your professional and artistic practice develop?

Hopefully into a strong studio practice, fuelled by the occasional artist residency (both interstate and overseas). I’m looking to get involved with ongoing training in the technical aspects of hot-glass making, and to continue to show work in whatever capacity presents itself in the future.